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My Family

Saturday, April 20, 2013

School egg hunt

Thursday, April 5 Brody's class was scheduled for a walking field trip to the park for an Easter egg hunt.  Well, the weather didn't cooperate that day at all.  It rained all morning so the park was under water.  We decided to just have the egg hunt in the classroom.  We combined 2 classes together and all of the kids went to one room to watch a movie.  While they watched a movie us parents hid 60 eggs in the other classroom for 5 kids to come in and find.  We did this over and over until all 40 or so kids had found their 12 eggs.

Over 400 eggs to hide

Mrs. Proffit's room had some great spots to hide eggs.  We hid some eggs in some obvious places, but some of the kids couldn't even find them.

Getting ready to find some eggs.

Brody found his 12 eggs so fast and was then helping some of his classmates find theirs.

Telling Cameron where she can find another one.

Even though the original plans for an egg hunt didn't pan out, the kids still seemed to still have a blast.  Of course Brody loved opening all the eggs he found and was then full of sugar.

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