My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Winter/Beach putt-putt

After our rest time back in the room, we headed out that evening to play putt-putt the Disney way.  We had never played these courses so I thought it would be a fun time to try something new.  The boys were so excited to be playing putt-putt and Disney style made it even better.

Christmas in March - sure why not.

We first played the summer course.

Of course Brody is our little golfer (he takes after his daddy).  He was so excited when he made some hole in ones.

Now, Trevor we still need to work with a little.  He needed some help, but he had fun.

This little bridge caught this mama off guard because it had sensors and the fish on the left spits out water.  Brody did NOT want to get wet so off he ran.

See my pant leg.  I stood right on the bridge and had no idea.

The course was very cute with all of the props.

Just off to the right.

The Disney "sand castle"

We had to finally just help Trevor roll his ball in the castle.

A sleeping beached Santa.  Trevor did not like him at all.  There was speaker that had snoring coming out of it and you didn't want to wake Santa, so I think Trevor was a little scared.

This is Trevor's ball in between the snowman's fingers.

On this hole you hit the ball inside the pole and it goes all the way up and spits out of the white pipe on the left.

Brody's ball spitting out.

Each hole had very cute descriptions.

After our first 18 hole, the boys wanted to go ahead and play the winter course as well - sure why not.

Taking a break from all the golf

I love Brody's face in this as Trevor's ball went under the campfire, smoke came up.

Yes, Jason made a hole in one!!

The snow castle

This was the closest we got to moguls this year.

Another hole in one - he was pretty hot on the 2nd 18 but I still came out and beat him - not that anyone is keeping track.

Another water trap, but I was ready for this one.

Very strategic way to get his ball out.

 What a very fun night of putt-putt.

Off to eat at where else but IHOP - hey kids eat free and my boys love some pancakes.

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