My Family

My Family

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Caterpillars change

After a couple of weeks of watching the little caterpillars crawl and get bigger and bigger,

they finally made their way to the top of the container to form their chrysalis.

We waited and waited for them to come to the top.  The directions said they would move to the top and form a J shape.

 We had 5 of them attach to the top pretty quickly but there was one little straggler who looked like he was stuck in the all of the silk.  Thankfully he finally made it to the top about 3 days after the others.  Here they all are in their chrysalis stage.

We then moved the top of the container to the butterfly net.

Once a day the chrysalis' got a spray of water as we awaited the beautiful butterflies.

 It was so cute to see the boys check them out every day to see if there was any movement.  And so we waited and waited!!

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