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My Family

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What a hotel

The boys were so excited when we drove up to this massive hotel - Gaylord Palms

When we arrived to our room, they thought it was the coolest thing that we had a balcony with a huge atrium outside our door.

We headed to Downtown Disney Wednesday night and OH MY GOODNESS at the amount of people.  We put our name down at Rainforest Cafe and it was a 2 hours and 40 minute wait so we then put our name down at T-Rex Cafe and it was only 2 hours - so it was dinner at 9:00 for us.  Thank goodness there were lots of shops for us to go through and try and not spend TOO much money.  We actually got out of there with just a Hot Wheels car for each of them.

The new At-At car

We spent quite a bit of time in the Lego store and Brody used his money to buy a new Lego set.  He was pretty excited.

As waited the last 15 minutes outside T-Rex Cafe for our name being called.  The boys were getting a little ansi, but I totally understood - this mama was too.

Finally it's dinner time and we are all smiles.

By 10:00, the boys had finished eating and laid their heads down in our laps and were out, so Jason and I had a nice quiet meal for the remaining time.  One very tired boy - Brody had to walk because we definitely couldn't carry him.

The next day we woke up and explored the hotel.  Wow at everything in this place.  First was The Everglades section which was where our room was located.

This mama didn't go in here - just a pic from the outside.

I was very impressed/surprised/perplexed at how well the boys were willing to take pictures so I apologize for all of them but hey this mama was pretty excited and took full advantage of the opportunity.

Sunnin' alligators.

Moving on to St. Augustine.  In the middle of the hotel is a miniature Castillo de San Marcos.

The Fountain of Youth

We then headed over Key West and found our county on the walkway.

There is a huge boat in the Key West area that is also a restaurant.

A sand castle sculpture.

It was such a beautiful day outside and there was a great lawn (astro turf) but a great space for 2 boys to run around - and that they did.

Even though it was sunny outside it was still a little chilly - mid 60's.  It felt great so of course the boys wanted to swim because they had already seen the water park.  Thankfully the water was heated and the boys had a blast.

All ready for the pool

While the boys played, I enjoyed a little fruity drink.

Brody really wanted to go on these slides but this water wasn't heated.  However, we told him to just go down the slide and then run back to the heated pool.  He did it a couple of times and had a blast.

He was so cold up there.

After almost 2 hours at the pool, somebody got a little tired, so we headed to the room to get rested up for the evening plans.

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