My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Egg Coloring time

I think Easter kind of snuck up on me or I just plain forgot about dyeing eggs.  This is always a big deal in our house - I think it's mostly with Jason because he really gets into it, but the kids enjoy it as well.  This year I kind of forgot to pick up any of those dye kits and since we were out of town the few days before I had to improvise.  I had seen of course on Pinterest about using Kool-Aid packs, and I knew I had lots of those packets so I thought we would give it a try.

Saturday evening after our church's Easter presentation we all got prepared.

Slow Trevor - don't drop it in

One good thing about the Kool-Aid is that it smelled good and there was no vinegar!  The color turned out pretty good as well, so it was successful.

While we waited on our eggs to get colored, we took our annual pictures with a few "extras" for fun.

Brody and actually Trevor couldn't wait to eat the eggs but thankfully we had a few that Trevor had decorated in his Sunday School class the prior Sunday.  They were so cute - with hair and all.

Brody LOVES hard boiled eggs and Trevor actually enjoyed the white part.  We were all ready for our Easter egg hunt the next day!!

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