My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My baby is growing up

March 18 was a HUGE day around our house, one that Brody has been waiting for for quite some time - he was one tooth less.

He has had a loose tooth for over a month but he decided since daddy let his teeth just fall out and didn't wiggle them all the time then he would do the same - not like his mama who wiggled and wiggled until I could pull it out.  I had been seeing this tooth hanging on for dear life for about a week and when I picked him up from school that day it was really hanging and not even looking straight so I assumed it was going to come out anyday.  I kept telling him I could just pull it out but he wasn't having any of that.

That evening Brody was outside playing and Jason noticed him with his fingers in his mouth and was being very still.  A few minutes later he came in with this:

We made a huge deal about it, but then we noticed he wasn't too excited.  I don't think he knew exactly what just happened and he was a little nervous.  We assured him everything was ok and "someone" would be visiting him tonight.

He of course had to run to Nini and Papa's and show off his new look.

He got everything ready in his new pillow made by Mrs. Tina which is perfect so the tooth fairy doesn't have to find the tooth under his pillow.

Brody is really into making cards so of course a card for the tooth fairy was made.

He was so excited to put everything in there and was probably more excited to see what she left for him.

All smiles for what the tooth fairy left for him.  $5 and a $1 gold coin

She left a letter for him too and a little glittered tooth receipt showing all of the details of when he lost the tooth

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