My Family

My Family

Thursday, April 18, 2013

First beach trip of 2013

April 3, Trevor and I packed up to spend the day at the beach.  I chose Wednesday because Brody participates in Run/Walk club so I don't have to pick him up until 3:15 which gives us more play time.  Well, what I wasn't prepared for was the wind gusts and the cool weather.  I checked the weather and it said low 70's, which I thought would be great.

Trevor didn't seem to care that it was a little cool, he was having a blast playing in the sand.

I on the other hand started out feeling great but I guess the wind picked up and it got cooler and I eventually ended up covering up with 2 towels.  We had a great picnic lunch on the beach and he played and played some more.

We stayed for about 2 hours and then I was just freezing and we had to go, but not until he played on the playground for a little while.  Despite the change of weather, it was a great day and we both had fun.  I see more days like this in our future.

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