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My Family

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sea World with Brody

On Thursday, March 13, Brody and I headed out EARLY to meet up with his Gifted class to drive down to Sea World.  The plan was to leave at 6AM, however the bus took a wrong turn and tried to turn around and ended up getting stuck.

Passing time with games

We finally left around 7:15.  This was Brody's first time on a chartered bus and he thought it was pretty cool.

Brody wanted to hang out with his friend Lance so we walked around as a group of 4 kids and 3 moms.  One of our first stops was the new ride Antartica.

You can choose Mild or Wild.  Of course our kids chose Wild.  It was pretty funny because Jenifer, Lance's mom, didn't realize what kind of ride it was until we got up to get in.  Neither one of us like the teacups and of course it seemed similar at first.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad with the spinning.

After the ride they drop you off to check out the penguins.  SeaWorld did a great job with the penguin area.  You are able to get up pretty close to them.  

The kids wanted to ride Journey to Atlantis - the log flume.  Well, Jenifer and I decided to brave it and hope we didn't get too wet.  The kids thought it was great and thankfully we weren't too wet - but you never know.  

Checking out the sting rays.

Brody was so ready to ride the Manta, but he isn't quite tall enough yet.

The Shamu show was closed for renovations, but they had an area on the side - Shamu Up Close.  Every so often you get lucky and are able to watch a short training session with the killer whales.  We timed it perfectly and were able to enjoy a very informal training session with the killer whales doing a few jumps.

One last ride before we headed back to the bus.

What a great field trip for Brody.  He had a lot of fun hanging out with some new friends.

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