My Family

My Family

Friday, May 2, 2014

Finishing up Upwards

We had one more Upwards game when we came back from our ski trip.  Brody had so much fun during the season with all of his buddies.

He still was Mr. Defense and had a hard time understanding that actually holding someone is not playing defense.  He even got the whistle blown a few times at him for it - we have some work to do on that.

He made several baskets during the season as well and most importantly had a great time.

Jude was definitely the most improved player during the year.  I loved watching him play because by the end of the season he was making fast breaks and making baskets.

After every game we would meet in a room for Jason to pass out stars for best defensive player, best offensive, most Christlike, etc.  It was always a crazy time in this room with all of these boys.  You see Trevor is right in the middle of them - thinking he is one of the players.

Sunday, February 23 we had our annual Awards Banquet where all of the players come together to get their awards and listen to a speaker.  This year was a magician and the kids thought he was great and of course the main reason is to tell the kids about Jesus.

Running in when they called their names

Ava receiving her award.

Brody and Bradyn

Brody with his coach "Dad"

Another Upwards year = a success!!

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