My Family

My Family

Friday, May 2, 2014

United Nations Mission Trip - work part

Tuesday, March 4 Sherri Ard and I flew up to NY to help Bro. Ken Welborn who works with the United Nations.  His mission is to spread God's love to the 192 Ambassador's of the United Nations.  Even though he is a missionary in the US, we really consider him an International missionary because as he shares the gospel to the Ambassadors then when their time is up they will take what they have learned back to their country.

Our task for the week was to work in his office during the day setting up databases and other computer work.  I always enjoy going up there to help him out and this was Sherri's first trip.

The traffic on our way into the city.

When we first arrived, Ken's wife Karen took us around the UN area to show us around and took a TON of pics of us everywhere.  It was hilarious.

Grand Central Market

The trains that Ken and Karen take home to Cincinnati

Grand Central Station

Our tour to see different Missions.

The United Nations building

Isaiah Wall

United States Mission

Outside of Ken's office.

We worked 4 days in the office and was able to get a lot of stuff done to help Ken out so hopefully things were made easier for him.

Sherri working away.

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