My Family

My Family

Friday, May 2, 2014

The rest of our trip

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so great on Saturday so Trevor didn't want anything to do with skiing that day but Brody was ready to brave the weather and the slopes.  It was so windy and COLD so after about 2 hours Brody and I came inside for a little break.

By the end of our ski trip, Brody had really grasped the skiing and was enjoying it.  He could make it down the slopes without falling but he still needs some practice on going back and forth across the mountain.

The 3 Amigos having some fun in the snow before we hit the slopes on Sunday.

Trevor was our little dare devil and LOVED going fast.  Jason would hold out his poles and let Trevor hold on and they would ski side by side down the mountain.

All of us finally getting to ski together on Sunday.

The boys were able to go swimming in the heated pool and after a little persuasion we talked Ava and Brody into swimming under to go outside.

To celebrate our last day of skiing, the boys had been wanting to have a snow ball fight so to the snow we went.

Snow angels

Nini and Trevor

Mom and Stephanie's mom, Gigi, even got involved with the snowball fight.

Gigi and Mom got really involved and each of them ended up in the snow.

Jason (in the green) thought he would get his shot in

My mom is down so now it was my turn.

However, she and I both went down

During our rest time we hung out down the hall with the Fachkos and the Hendersons playing games and having a blast.

We had so much fun our first annual family ski trip and the boys are hoping to go again next year.

We woke up Monday morning and headed out for our long trip home.  We only had one little incident about 30 minutes into our trip.  As we headed down the 1 hour long winding mountain road, the boys were playing with phones and 3DS and Trevor hands me the phone and says "mom, I don't feel so good".  Well I didn't want to over react but I moved the phone out of the way and was trying to find a bag or something but I was a little late.  Nothing like being strapped into a car seat and can't really move when that happens.  I was able to get a bag back there for part of it but we still had to pull over and clean up.  Thankfully when we pulled over there was a gas station/restaurant (this was the first thing we had seen for our entire trip so I was very thankful).  They gave us rags and warm water - since it was about 10 degrees outside.  Another thing to be thankful for was that Trevor's suitcase was right on top and we were able to get him a new shirt.  I was a little worried that he would be sick longer but thankfully he wasn't.  

We stopped at the same exit we did on the way up and here is the hotel we stayed at 4 days later - just a little different.

The rest of our trip was very uneventful and the boys did great.  We made it home about 7:00 that night and were very thankful for a wonderful trip with our family and friends.

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