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My Family

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Fling

Brody's school held their spring fling on March 21 (the day before spring break) and Brody was SOOOOO excited for this day.  His class had been hard at work preparing for the SAT 10 test coming up the day after they got back from Spring Break.  Mrs. Ray's class was in a friendly competition against Mrs. Chancey's class on how well they were doing on SAT 10 preparation.  To close out the competition there would be a friendly baseball game between the 2 classes.

However, first was the actual school Spring Fling with bouncy houses, games and snow cones.

Brody and Dominic

After the Spring Fling, they came back in to move to get ready for lunch (hot dogs and all kinds of ball park food).  Mrs. Ray had the kids come up and move their marker around the bases according to how well they had done on their SAT 10 practice.  The 2 classes ended up tying.

Time for a little "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

Finally it was time for the baseball game.  My sweet husband took off half a day to help out with the baseball game - I think Mrs. Ray was pretty happy about that.

Of course we didn't keep score and everyone in the class hit, played the field, and no one really got out - a little organized chaos.  My child had a hard time adjusting to no one getting out.

Sweet Molly played right in the middle of the field ready to catch every ball that came her way.

Our class all lined up to hit off the tee.

We have several students who play baseball and we were a little worried that someone might get hurt with them hitting off a tee - thankfully we were all safe.

This is Anna Brook, my roommate from college's niece (yes a small world).  She is the cutest thing and reminds me so much of my roomie!!

Good Game!!

Mrs. Ray's class

It was one fulfilled day for these kids.  They were ready for Spring Break and even more ready for the SAT 10 when they come back.

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