My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Parade Day

Saturday, December 7 was our town's annual Christmas parade.  This year Trevor's preschool class was asked to be in the parade.  Ace Hardware was also putting in a float so Stephanie asked Brody to ride on the float with her and Ava.  This left us watching our kiddos in the parade which was new to us.  We kind of kept it quiet from Trevor that Brody was riding in the parade with Ava because we didn't want him to get upset and not want to ride with his class.

Of course the weather felt nothing like Christmas that day and Trevor was supposed to wear a long sleeve black shirt and black pants because they were to be penguins.  Brody was just to be Christmasy and he was very excited to wear his "green" pants.

Getting the final penguin outfit.

One cute penguin.

Now off to drop Brody off on the Ace float.

The had mallets and all to pretend they were working in Santa's workshop.  Stephanie said they did so well and really did the part well.

Here comes Trevor

All smiles when he saw (and heard) us on the side.

Here comes Brody

He wasn't into waving to us too much, however, Stephanie said he waved really good along the rest of the route.

The annual pirates.

My cousin and her grandbaby in a huge truck.

The parade isn't complete until Santa and Mrs. Claus show up.

We asked the boys which they liked better - riding in the parade or watching it?  Their answer - riding in it.  It will be a sad day if we don't get to watch the parade with them anymore.

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