My Family

My Family

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Randoms

I tried so hard this past Christmas season to take things slow and really enjoy every part.  The boys took some time to write their letters to Santa and thought long and hard about what they wanted.  I gave them a few toy catalogs to look through and circle what all they wanted - remember the Sears and JcPenney catalogs  - oh how I miss those.  Well, I think everything was circled in those small catalogs that I gave them.  Also, it seemed as if they wanted everything the same.  Santa was going to have a difficult time this year.

Dash made his appearance again this year at our house.  The boys started asking about him in the middle of November - hoping he would come back.

He did a few crazy things, but nothing too out of control.

Allye enjoyed eating all of the marshmallows.

After seeing what Dash did this night, I just knew Brody was going to be upset, but he instead wanted to keep it up for quite awhile.

I had some great help wrapping presents this year - check out Allye.  She loved to get right in the middle of it all.  I also gave a wrapping lesson to Trevor and Jason said he did really good wrapping some of my presents.  Have to teach them young so their future girlfriend/wife will appreciate them more.

One evening we headed out with the Henderson's for dinner and driving around to see Christmas lights.  Thankfully we were able to get into TacoLu's and it was nice evening sitting outside on the deck.

Our last stop to see Christmas lights was Girvin Road and it was beautiful.  I tried taking detailed pictures of their stars so hoping my dad could get on board and possibly make some of these for next year so our house doesn't look so "scrooge" as Ava calls it.

It doesn't really seem like we are taking the season slow - but hey at least I tried.

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