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My Family

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Disney - Day 2 Magic Kingdom

After getting back to the hotel around 1:30AM with 2 sleeping boys we tried to sleep in and get some rest before another LONG day at Magic Kingdom.  The boys were so excited about Tuesday because Sara Lynn was meeting us at the park to spend the day with us.  I started thinking that morning that I remember when Sara and her brother were about 2 or 3 and they made their first trip to Disney and I so wanted to go with them to see their faces as took in all of the sights.  And now she is going with our kids.  So special.

We arrived around 10:30 and set out for lots of fun.  Brody received his birthday present from Sara and was so excited.  

It was as if Jason and I didn't even exist that day.  They LOVED spending the day with Sara Lynn - they talked her ears off for sure.

We ventured over to Tom Sawyer’s island, which we had never done before.  The boys had so much fun trying to find Tom (Sara had them looking everywhere).

It's hard to believe this sweet girl was our flower girl in our wedding and now she is in college.

We took Sara over to the new FantasyLand that she had never seen - Enchantment with Belle – of course the boys did not want to go since it seemed girly.  This is where they take you in groups of about 30 and you can be a part of an interactive experience with Belle.  While we waited our turn, the boys played some checkers.

You come in this area to be assigned your part if you would like to participate.

Of course Trevor did, but I guess Brody thought he was too old or something because he didn't want anything to do with it.

Everyone who participates gets to go up and have a chat with Belle.

He was so cute

A little later we headed over to meet Merida from Brave.  We don't usually wait in lines to see characters, but I thought Merida was where you would be able to shoot the bow and arrow.  However, once we got in line it wasn't like that, but Trevor was still ok with it.  While we waited Trevor colored a picture for Merida.

He was so excited to give it to her.

Brody even joined us at the last minute for a quick picture.

Pretty view from Dumbo.

Sara Lynn was in for a treat with these 3 spinning her.

Tuesday night we had our tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party so I put the boys in Christmas shirts even though it was still a little warm, but oh well.  Sara Lynn's plan was to leave a little after the party started since she didn't have a ticket.  As we went to get our bands, we could tell that it was going to work out that Sara was going to get a band as well since Trevor was in the stroller and I guess they assumed he was under 3.  Needless to say Sara Lynn was pretty excited that she got a free ticket to the party!!  We were too since she could now spend ALL day with us.

Everytime we go to the Christmas party we don't ever go to the front of the castle to see the show because it is always so crowded.  However, this year Sara Lynn and I took off to watch the show while the boys rode rides.  It was a cool sight.  The castle would change all kinds of colors and movies - Frozen, Wreck it Ralph as well as all kinds of pretty colors.

After the show on the castle, it was time for the fireworks show.

It can be very difficult to get firework pictures but this was my favorite of the night.

After the fireworks, most people leave because they watched the early parade.  However, I like to watch the late parade because it seems less crowded.  So after the fireworks, Sara Lynn and I headed to Main Street to find a perfect spot to save for everyone to watch the 10:30 parade.  The great thing about watching the parade on Main Street is because it "snows" so it's the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the parade.

He was so excited to be sitting with "RaRa"

We had such a fun time at the Magic Kingdom, but we were definitely tired and had to get back to the hotel to do it all over again the next day.

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