My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Brody

If we hadn't had a busy enough week with Disney, Jag game and a Christmas parade - add in a birthday party.  Yes, I'm crazy but it's all good and thankfully everything went smoothly.  Brody decided on an Avenger party and I really really REALLY wanted to just buy a cake to make things much easier - BUT the guilt (Jason) set in and I stayed up Friday night making Brody's cake with Jason's help- oh the memories.

After the parade, the huge obstacle course was delivered and the boys were so excited to jump right on.

A few pictures of my big 7 year old before he got too hot and sweaty on the obstacle course.

All set up for an Avenger party

Captain America's shield

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I rushed to get our Christmas card pictures done because some little boy had a loose front tooth.  Well, within 5 minutes, Brody comes over with his front tooth in his hand and all smiles.  He was actually really excited and went right on playing.

The kids had a blast on the obstacle course.

I decided to go as easy as possible with food and ordered Callahan BBQ - can't go wrong.

The cake - the sides represented all 4 of the Avengers.  I have to give big kudos to Jason for helping me  with the sides - Captain America


Iron Man


Cake time

While the kids play - the adults sit and chat.

Present time

An self inflatable whoopie cushion from Uncle Chris.  This kept everyone laughing for awhile.

Another big hit of a gift was the Stomp Rockets - both adults and kids enjoyed.

Back to the slide

Time for the big kids to enjoy the obstacle course.


Time for a race - Adam vs Jason

Winner - Jason

With Adam looking on from the top

Next up - Stephanie and I

Pictures are definitely bad - but you get the idea that we had a great time.

And I won!!

Mom raced as well, but needed an extra boost to get over the top.

We had such a great time that day celebrating Brody's 7th birthday.

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