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My Family

Friday, January 3, 2014

Final day at Disney - Jedi Training

The plan was to come home Thursday morning because we had a home Jaguar game that night.  Well, since the boys didn't get in to fight Darth Vadar on Monday, we decided to try again on Thursday.  We arrived to Hollywood Studios at 8:30 for the opening of the park at 9AM.  As soon as the gates opened, yes I was one of those crazy moms "running" thru the park and yes I even was to told to walk.  I felt like a little 2 year old, but I was determined to get in line to let me boys fight Darth Vadar.  It wasn't really for Brody since he had already done it twice, but this would be Trevor's first time and he was so excited.

Of course the line was already crazy, but I waited anyway and we received the 1:30 time slot - it was really too late for us but we decided to go ahead with it and try to work it all out.

Since we had some time to kill before Jedi Training, we were able to ride Toy Story again and of course Star Wars several times.

Since we had some extra time before Jedi Training, we grabbed lunch at the Sci Fi Drive In Theater.  I was shocked that we were able to walk right in even though we only sat at the back and not in one of the cars - but it was still fine.

It was finally time for Jedi Training Academy - my little Padawan's.  Just a warning - there are A LOT of pictures but I was a proud and happy mom.

Not really sure what was going on here - but I had to capture the face.

Time to check out the light saber.

Practicing their Jedi skills

They felt an evil force around them, so it was time to end the training.

Look who showed up.

Time for Jedi Trevor to show off his skills

Left shoulder
 Right shoulder

Left leg

Cut to the head

Thumbs up and all smiles!!

Now time for the 3 time pro!!

I really wanted Brody to wear his Birthday button because they pick one kid to use the force on the storm troopers and I had a feeling the button would help him get chosen - I was right.  Brody was so quick to use the force.

He was so excited that he was chosen to use the force and he did a great job!!

Darth tries to get them to come to the dark side but they all use the force to get rid of him.

Getting their Jedi Training certificates.

My Jedi's

Once we finished this we rushed out of the park and headed home!!  We definitely had a fun filled trip to Disney and the boys are already talking about going back.

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