My Family

My Family

Monday, January 20, 2014

Okefenokee Lights

Monday, December 16 we headed out with the Henderson’s, Gigi, Nana, and my mom to Okefenokee Swamp in  Waycross, GA to see their lights.  Our first stop was to eat at Okefenokee Restaurant.  We hadn’t been there in quite some time and the food was pretty good.  We only had one incident as Brody was carrying his full plate back to the table (I guess we didn’t see the sign at the top of the buffet that said kids under 10 please don’t carry your plates) because he all of a sudden dropped it and it broke and food went everywhere.  I knew he would freak out and get mad, which he did but thankfully he handled it really well.  The owner made him feel really good by saying he did the same thing once.

We were off to the lights and our first stop was to take the train ride around the park to see all of the lights.  It was a very chilly night but that makes it feel like Christmas and we were all bundled up.

We finished the train ride around 8:40 and headed back to see Santa, which we thought we had 20 minutes until he left.  We stopped into one spot to see a few animals

Ava wasn't so sure about this.

These are my favorite.  Jason really does like my mom - I promise.

When we came out around 8:45 Santa was gone.  Needless to say Stephanie and I were not very happy moms since it wasn’t even 9:00 and our kids didn’t even get to see Santa..  We spoke our mind as we walked out about Santa leaving early.  Thank goodness our kids weren’t too upset and were just fine to get a picture in the sleigh.

Few more pictures spots to show how much fun we had.

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