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My Family

Friday, January 3, 2014

Disney Day 3 - Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Wednesday morning we headed to Animal Kingdom mostly to ride Expedition Everest.

This is such a fun ride, however, I didn't get to ride this time because I don't like to ride by myself and Brody wouldn't ride it again.  We rode a couple more rides and let them play in the Dinosaur area and headed on over to Epcot.

Our first stop at Epcot was Soarin and of course all of the fast passes were gone so we just dealt with the long line and waited the 60 minutes.  We were fortunate enough that they asked for a group of 4 about 30 minutes into our wait and we went right up and rode.

We haven't really done the countries at the back of Epcot so I wanted to this time but didn't want the boys to get bored.  I did some research and saw they had the Kidcot Stations at every country where the kids get a stamp from the country.  We chose to buy an Epcot passport so the kids could get stamps inside it.  It worked out great because Brody was still wearing his Happy Birthday button and everyone told him Happy Birthday and even wrote Happy Birthday in their language.  Brody thought it was the coolest thing.

Our first country - Canada

These were the Kidcot signs we were on the lookout for.

We decided to eat our way through the countries with candy and snow cones in Japan, gingerbread cookie in America and of course a pretzel in Germany.

Waiting in line in the USA for their stamp.

A little fun in Norway

 And China

Once finished with the countries we headed to the aquarium

And then to the new Test Track.  All 3 boys loved the new design of the ride.  It was pretty cool as you could design your own car.

For some reason the boys acted like they had never seen cars before because all they wanted to do was get inside the new cars.
After the ride was over you were able to take pictures with your car 

Somehow mine and Brody's car that we designed wouldn't come up but this one did.

Picture with a real car

I was beginning to think we wouldn't get pictures with the characters on this trip (since Jason refuses to stand in line in length of time for a picture), but we walked by the Character Spot and it was a 5 minute wait - YEAH!!

We thought we would stay for the Laser show, but we didn't have a great spot to see the lasers and my boys aren't real big fans of fireworks so we headed back to the hotel to get packed up to leave the next day.

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