My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Sunday

My sweet family the Sunday before Christmas

It never fails how the devil gets involved in our time on Sundays.  I really thought I had plenty of time but of course that was a negative!!

That evening was our church's Christmas presentation and the children's choir sang a song at the beginning.  This was Trevor's first church performance and based off the rehearsal the night before we would be in for a treat because he sang really loud and even had a few dance moves.  Well, I guess he was told to make sure he sang and not screamed so he was a little subdued on Sunday evening and stood and sang perfectly - with a deer in a headlights look.  I always thought Trevor would be that child who makes a big scene on the church stage and waves and all - well he was that child at the practice.

After the presentation we headed over to the Winter Wonderland in our church's gym.  The group of people who transform the gym into this beautiful display really out do themselves.  Our first stop was to see Santa - thankfully he was there and this was our one and only visit this year !!

Brody still telling Santa what all he wants.

Sweet Sara Lynn - I love this picture.

Brody found his buddy Brantley

 The Bailey boys joined B & T for snack time - cupcakes and cookies - what is better than that for dinner?

Then a little game time with Brent.

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