My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Disney bound

Sunday, December 1, we woke up and headed to Orlando for a few days of Disney fun.  The boys had been counting down the days.  Yes, Brody would be missing a few days of school, but I feel that he is a good student and hasn’t missed any for being sick and he can easily make up his work when he gets back.

My little reader during the entire trip down.

Our plan was to check into the hotel, change and then head to Disney for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party.  Well, I had not bought tickets yet because I wanted to get a discount as a passholder once I bought our seasonal passes.  Unfortunately the party tickets were sold out for that night – I was devastated because I knew it was my fault for not having bought the tickets earlier.  Thankfully there was another party Tuesday night while we were there so we purchased those (in advance – didn’t want those to sale out).

Since we weren’t going to the party we had to come up with someone else.  Thanks to Jason for coming up with a plan – ICE at Gaylord Palms.  It is something I had always wanted to do and we knew the boys would have a blast. 

We first explored Downtown Disney for a couple of hours – Earl of Sandwich and the Lego Store (what trip to Disney is not complete until you visit the Lego store) and a souvenir shop – they had money to burn.

After a couple of hours of DD, off we went to be VERY cold.  I wasn’t quite prepared for this type of cold with hats and gloves but  thankfully they provide parkas. 

It is 8 degrees in this place and everything inside is made of ice.  They used 2 million pounds of ice to sculpt everything in here.  The theme was based on Frosty the Snowman. 

The boys favorite part was the ice slide.  They must have slid down about 10 times.  Jason and I even slid a time or two. 

Some of the sights around the display.

This year they added a section at the end where we could watch the carvers in action.  Truly amazing.

Of course this was my favorite part - a nativity scene.

By the time we finished the walk, I wasn’t able to feel my fingers.  It was so cold in there, but the boys had fun and it was very neat to see.

Trying to capture a decent picture - quite comical.

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