My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Big Rush

Our house was designated the meeting place for all the family during Granny’s viewing and funeral.  If you remember my last post about our garage, we are still in construction mode so it we had a lot to do to get ready for a bunch of people headed our way.  We had Jason’s cousin and wife with their 3 kids staying with us so that made me definitely get moving to clean my house.  Since we’ve been in construction mode I haven’t had or felt the need to do much cleaning – what’s the point right?  Just keepin’ it real!!  No one had been allowed to come to my house – it was so dirty and messy.  But hey, I had to do something now.

I woke up Friday morning and off I went to cleaning.  My mom – she is awesome – came over and cleaned part of the house as well.  My dad started finishing up the trim in the new part.  This was so a God thing because we had no electricity until the day before.  Remember my cousin who wanted to come and put up lights on the 4th.  Yeah, coincidence right – I don’t think so.  Boy were we thankful.   Jason went to work to grab his laptop and he came home and started helping Dad with the trim.  We were working like crazy to get it all done.

After cleaning like a mad woman we were ready for family Saturday afternoon and the boys were ready to spend a couple of days with cousins.

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