My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An 18 mile bike ride!!

Saturday morning we didn't have any plans when we woke up so as we sat around and chatted about ideas we decided to drive up to Virginia and ride bikes on the Virginia Creeper Trail.  This is an 18 mile bike ride that is mostly downhill.  I was pretty excited about this and I knew Brody would be since he loves to ride his bike.

After a 40 minute drive through NC, Tennessee and Virginia we arrived at the bike shop to get all sized up for the perfect bike.   Even though Trevor can ride a bike, I surely didn't trust him going down a mountain for 18 miles.  We decided on a tag along for Ava and Trevor.  This attached to Adam and Jason's bikes but allowed them to sit on a seat, hold handle bars and pedal, but the dad's did all of the work.  We thought it would be the perfect solution for them.

Trevor was not too happy at first because he wanted his own bike since Brody was riding his own.  Ava at first was very excited about the idea.

Brody thought he was such a big boy with a bike that had hand brakes and was bigger than his current bike.

We all loaded a van with our bikes in tow and headed up the mountain for a 30 minute ride.  Well, Trevor and Ava's attitudes quickly reversed as we arrived to the top.  Trevor was very excited with his new ride and Ava was not happy at all.

After a little test ride around the parking lot, we headed out for our downhill trek.

Isn't he so cute on his bike.  He was peddling away and thought he was such a big boy.

Brody loved riding his own bike.  However, we couldn't convince that he didn't have to pedal so hard because he was going down hill.  He was peddling so hard and was not very happy when people would pass him.  We tried to explain that people were heavier than him and they just went faster and IT WAS NOT A RACE!!  He didn't get it.

Our first of many stops to take a break - only about 2 miles into it.

The trail was very easy and definitely downhill so no need to pedal to hard if at all.  I had to get used to a bike with hand brakes which by the end of the trail I was ready to get a bike like that - it was quite fun to ride.  Another snack stop.

The scenery was beautiful along the way.  One of the 30 or more bridges we crossed.

Brody pedaled so hard and did so well for the first 13 miles, but as the trail flattened out he started to get extremely tired and really complained/got mad when people passed him.  We fell behind because he kept stopping and I realized that I had to let him stay pretty far in front of me so he wouldn't think I was trying to pass him.

We arrived back at the bike shop about 4 hours later and were definitely ready for a good dinner that night.  Thank goodness the boys fell asleep on our ride back to Grammy's house.  We got cleaned up and had dinner at Sagebrush, one of Grammy and Big PawPaw's favorites.

There were 13 of us for dinner and it happened to be the day before Jason's birthday and Raymond and Big Paw Paw's daughter's birthday was coming up on the 22nd so each of them received a huge chocolate dessert and of course Happy Birthday sung to them.

Grammy and Big PawPaw even had a gift for Jason - a new mag lite and of course an Appalachian State grill apron.  It was so sweet of them to think of Jason and even get him something for his birthday.  See what I mean about feeling like part of the family.  They were amazing.

The weather was absolutely beautiful so we headed to a nearby park and let the kids walk around.  Trevor being Trevor - need I say more.

These two were actually loving each other that night.

Brody had remembered Stephanie mentioning something about a walkway under the road and wanted to walk it.  He thought it was so cool.

These ducks thought the kids had some food for them, but they quickly realized they didn't and wanted nothing to do with them.

 We all (11 of us) piled into the vehicle and headed back to the house to start packing up for our trip home the next day.  We had such a wonderful trip and made A LOT of memories.  I am very thankful for great friends that we get along with even after being on vacation with them!!

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