My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 28, 2013

4th of July

As in keeping with our annual 4th of July tradition we headed to Jason's moms house for a day of sun!!  Before we left my cousin stopped by to hook up our electrical for the addition. Yes, I know it was the 4th but he volunteered so I was happy since we had extension cords all over the place. He finished in about 5 hours and I was so excited to have power - we would be even more come later!!

As we drove out to the beach Jason received a text from his Aunt Joyce stating that Granny was now in heaven. What a shock even though she had been in a nursing home for awhile. The crazy thing is that back in November the family was called in and she was ready to go - however God wasn't ready for her yet. 

We tried to enjoy ourselves despite the sad news. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed just sitting on the side taking in the sun rays. The cousins had a blast playing with each other and Trevor and Cale were our water bugs.  They stayed in the water ALL day - it's great now that they can both swim.  They stayed around the steps and kept diving to the bottom to get toys.

On your mark, get set


Sweet Madison watching her crazy cousins!  She is the happiest baby!!

Later the adults along with Brody and Caleb played a friendly game of volleyball.

Jason's move for volleyball to get the game started

Brody saw Caleb do a flip into the pool and he asked "He is allowed to do that?"  We answered yes and off he went to do the same.  Now keep in mind he has never tried or even thought of doing it.  Just proves that older cousins can be an influence.

Nana and her grandkids.

These pictures really show off Trevor's personality.  I can't get a simple picture for anything.

Finally after about 10 pictures.

Things didn't work out as they normally do to watch the fireworks so the 4 of us headed to a different spot at Jax beach to watch the fireworks.  But as usual my boys weren't fans of the loud noise, but we make them sit and watch anyway.  We had a great view but my picture taking skills need to improve.

We headed home right after and of course it didn't take the boys too long to pass out in the car.

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