My Family

My Family

Monday, July 15, 2013

A few June happenings

Yes, I know it's half way through July and I am posting about June, but we have been a little busy.  Here are a few things going on with us in June.

Trevor and I enjoyed my favorite restaurant - Tijuana Flats outside.  Jason wasn't with us so we got to eat outside.  I think we have eaten here about 5 times this summer - I've brainwashed the boys and they pick it as where they want to go now!!

Krispy Kreme opened up on the Westside of Jacksonville and it has been the biggest talk of the town.  The lines have been crazy long and the traffic is unbelievable around the place.  I'm really not sure what the big deal is because there is another Krispy Kreme that has been open for awhile and it's about 35 min from the house - this new one is about 25.

Oh well, Trevor and I went to try it out and thankfully didn't have to wait to long.  Of course we bought a dozen to bring home - YUMMY!!

We are doing our fair share of eating some ice cream.  They love Tutti Fruiti, which is "yogurt" so I feel better about them eating it, but I guess it doesn't really matter since they pile on the toppings.

One Sunday afternoon, we headed into Jacksonville for Jason to get his new phone since his didn't make it from our rain/hail storm 5 mile hike.

While Jason got a new phone, the boys played on some ipad's.  They were in heaven.

Brody saw that he could get a new book from Barnes and Noble for just reading 8 books.  He was on that and accomplished it in no time at all so we made a stop at B&N to pick out his free book.  It's hard to tell him that he couldn't get another one since he loves to read.  He is all into the facts.

Reading time with dad!!

The guys dropped me off at Ulta as they went to Best Buy.  I was trying to hurry so they weren't waiting on me.  As I walked into Best Buy, this is what I saw.

Yeah, all 3 boys were in hog heaven and I was thinking I should have shopped in Ulta a little longer.  I guess boys will be boys.

Brody's goggles broke so it was time for a new pair and he was so excited to get a new pair.

We made our first trip to our Callahan library and signed up for the reading program.  They were very excited - Brody more than Trevor.

This is what my boys look like most days during the summer - no shirt!!  Brody is taking a reading test for his school's Summer Reading program.  The media specialist sends them mail each week that they participate and it includes lots of great prizes.  He is so excited to get the mail.

Doing one of the word searches from Mrs. Maddox.

We had a fun June and I'm sure July will be just the same.

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