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My Family

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chick fil A and some bowling

Back in June, Tracy had booked a back stage tour at Chick Fil A for the kids.  We weren't really sure what we were getting into, but hey it was a new venture.  This was our tour guide's first tour so he was pretty nervous and new at it all.

We picked up Ava so she could join in on our fun as well.  A friend of Tracy's and her 2 boys also joined us.  The kids listened so well to the history as we started off the tour.

We then headed into the kitchen to see how the chicken was cooked.  Here is where they bread the chicken.

Back a little further is where all of the wraps are made.  I learned that all of the wraps are made in the restaurant not shipped from somewhere else.  This lady stands back here all day and makes wraps.  The A/C in the kitchen had gone out that morning so it was pretty warm back here.

Of course one of the questions the kids' asked was what is the basketball goal for.  The goal was used back during March Madness and now they just hang it back here and play a little.  This was the one thing Brody remembered from the tour :)

Now back to the front counter and it was time to talk about the drive thru area.  They have several computer screens - one is for the drive thru orders, and one for just the drinks and desserts since 1 person handles this task.

Now it is time for what the kids have waited for - ice cream.

We let the kids play in the play area for quite awhile and then we ate lunch.  Tracy and I decided to take our kids bowling afterwards to utilize our Kids Bowl Free coupons.  They had a blast and of course Baylie had to take extra good care of Trevor - she loves him.

Thank goodness we were on the end because the kids got a little crazy - excited over playing

and then excited about the music that was being played.  Ava, Baylie and Trevor showing off their dance moves.

I think we have some professional bowlers on hand :)

Off to Sonic for Happy Hour slushies.

Of course the kids were a little extra wired from the pure sugar drinks.

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