My Family

My Family

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Waves

Since Daniel and Jessica were down and headed back to Beaufort on Tuesday we decided to visit Summer Waves Tuesday.  The kids were so excited to be going to a water park together.  They also enjoyed sleeping on the mattress in the playroom.

We had to split up since Trevor still wasn’t tall enough to ride most of the slides.  He and I hung out in the kiddy area and the lazy river.

Brody was definitely tall enough for all of the slides and he LOVED every one of them.  I was thankful Jason was able to go with us so he could ride all of them.  Makes it a little hard to handle both boys when one isn’t tall enough to ride yet.

This was one of their favorite things - the wave pool

Jessica and Daniel took turns with little Madison who was fighting sleep but still very pleasant.

What a fun day at the waterpark and we were glad to have been able to spend it with Daniel and Jessica.

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