My Family

My Family

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer is quickly leaving

Despite the construction going on, we have tried to do a few fun things during the summer.  However, I think the boys have really enjoyed playing legos, cars, Wii and their 3DS and LeapPad.

Homemade crayons with all of our broken ones

Homemade popsicles – Cookie dough made with Almond milk.  These were a huge hit and not that bad for you

We had a pool day with a few of their friends – Jude, Tyler, Tucker and Tate.

We took advantage of the $1 movies near the Avenues.  Every week they had a couple of movies for $1.  We chose Rio, which I had never seen, but Brody had seen it in his Kindergarten class.  Thank goodness we arrived early, because it was crowded.  I guess everyone wanted to take advantage of the cheap movies.  I came prepared with a couple of drinks but I think they increased the prices of popcorn and such because I bought a medium popcorn and a med drink and it was $12.  What in the world?  That was crazy!!

So our lunch that day consisted of popcorn and ice cream.  Definitely summer time.

I have been so busy with the construction and my favorite shoes have been my Reef flip flops.  They have definitely seen better days, but will get me through this.  Anyway, before we left for the movies that day I had forgotten to change shoes and didn’t realize until I got out.  Yeah, I was styling that day.

We also went to see Monsters, Inc. with the whole family.  There have been several movies out this summer that the boys want to see, but we agreed (mama decided) on the first one out so we didn't miss it in the theater.

The summer is quickly leaving us so we are trying to get in as much as we can before I have a first grader and a PreKer.

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