My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Church at the beach

This summer our church has been trying to get out in the community more so our slogan is SWAP - Summer With A Purpose.  June 30 was our beach baptism at our local beach - Peter's Point.  This was something we had never done before but everyone seemed excited.

We arrived early because Jason was leading worship.  This would also be the first time he has played guitar in public.  I was a little nervous for him, but I knew he would do fine.  He had a great band behind him and the music they had selected was great.

We had 15 people baptized and our pastor doesn't swim - what a great combination.  To help promote the baptism that morning in church, he wore arm floaties :)  During the baptism, he had several "lifeguards" who helped block the waves and catch him if he went down.  It was amazing to see these people take a stand of obedience in their faith.

The boys had a blast playing with Ava in the water and thankfully they sat very still on the front row when it came time to listen while daddy sang and played.

With summer time weather in Florida, there is always the possibility of thunderstorms and sure enough it came that afternoon, but thankfully early.  There wasn't any rain for the baptism, which was definitely an answer to prayer.

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