My Family

My Family

Monday, July 22, 2013

Japanese style

Several weeks ago, we headed out with Adam, Stephanie and Ava to Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse.  Ava had never been to a Japanese steakhouse before and Brody was ready to try it again so off we went.  

They were so eager to eat and see the show.

They were enjoying the show but of course still not too happy about the fire.

Brody did much better this time and didn't freak out too bad at the fire.  He really enjoyed the show and loved the food even though it's a lot to eat so we definitely had left overs.

The chefs always seem to toss the rice at Jason and most of the time he catches, but tonight was not his night.

Trevor enjoyed "playing" with his chopsticks because he sure didn't use them to eat anything.  He did not eat one single bite - how in the world does someone go to a Japanese steakhouse and eat nothing.  Thank goodness I know by now to not order him anything, so money is wasted.

Stephanie ordered a vegetable plate and this was the BIGGEST plate of food I had ever seen.  She definitely took home leftovers.

After dinner we walked around Dick's and my boys were crazy that night.  Not sure what in the world was going on with them.  Ava and Trevor trying out some new hats.

Trying out a tent.  I'm sure my boys are hoping one day we could go camping - it may have to be in a camper though because I'm not sure I can do a tent!!

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