My Family

My Family

Friday, July 19, 2013

Garage update

We are about 2 months into our new garage project and I am SO ready for it to be done!!  A few weeks ago things were done inside so it was time to paint!!  Oh the joy!!  I figured this was a great time to get the boys involved since they really couldn't mess anything up - we didn't have any floors down so no big deal if the paint dropped on the plywood. They were pretty excited to be able to help.

This really expresses the differences in my 2 boys.  Brody is very structured and Trevor, well he is all over the place.  He said this was a race track.

My painting.  Yes, it is black and I LOVE it.  Check back for an updated picture.

Isn't this so cute.  Allye has found her latest spot to sit and watch.

This will be one of the last things we finish because I would like the inside of my house to get back to normal first.

The new garage has become the work area.

The spare bathroom

The new laundry room.

The start of the new pantry.

We still have a few weeks to go, but it is definitely coming together and I can't wait.

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