My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy Doo

It is getting about time to cut my baby's hair. His hair is so long over his ears and he's even starting to get a little curl in the back. I'm ready to get it cut but Jason would rather wait a little bit longer. I guess I really like shorter hair. Hopefully, we'll come to a compromise before his first birthday.

With the longer hair comes some crazy doos.

Here are just a few other random pictures of my all my boys having fun

Check out that face. It's his latest.

Swimming Fun

Seeing that we live in Florida it is HOT HOT so of course we spend a lot of time in mom and dad's pool - THANK GOODNESS!! Well, a couple of weeks ago we started swimming lessons with a couple of Brody's buddies - Baylie & Bradyn of course. It is always so scarry with having water near by so I am really wanting Brody to learn to swim. I really think I'm going to need Trevor to learn ASAP as well because I think he's going to be the dare devil. The lesson is about an hour long and will hopefully by the end of the summer be swimming by themselves.

I have already seen improvements with Brody's swimming

He is jumping in by himself with no one to catch him and no vest
He has finally started to put his face in the water - thanks to goggles

He is doing ice cream scoops with his hands very good

We still have to work to do with his legs and kicking but there has definitely been improvement.

Here's a few pictures of our swimming time - you can tell he is having some fun with daddy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Surprise

Jason's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and it was also the first day of swimming lessons. Bradyn, Baylie and Brody were starting swimming lessons over at mom's pool and Tracy's cousin was coming out to teach them. They were very excited and so were we parents - we didn't have to drive too far.

Well, since Jason's birthday was the same day, I thought I would have John and Keith over to mom's as well (the wives are already at mom's for the lessons) and we would have dinner and cake. I was trying to convince Jason to skip choir that night - that probably wasn't the most spiritual thing to do, but I thought the birthday thing was a great idea.

I actually baked the cake the night before and he saw it and of course asked what it was for. I said well, someone's birthday is tomorrow. He asked if I was going to decorate it, I tried to play it off and say No way, I didn't have time to do that. First thing Wednesday morning, I got up and got started decorating his cake. I picked up some balloons and had everything over at mom's that afternoon. Thankfully he decided to skip choir practice and when he made his way over to mom's for the lessons, I think he was pleasantly surprised with the cake.

Brody kept telling me that we needed a golfer on the cake - I wasn't quite ready to attempt to make a person.
I thought it was better to just get a 3 & 5 instead of 35 candles :)

After lessons, we all enjoyed dinner and cake and then more swimming for the kids to show off their new learned skills.

Brody finally got up enough nerve to jump in without anyone to catch him.

Later that night, Brody gave Jason his present - Brody was pretty excited with the card and gift. I knew I wanted to get Jason the Toy Story Wii game so when we went to the game store, I asked Brody what game should we get daddy. Brody's comment - "A Buzz Lightyear game" - Great idea :) The hard part was to get Brody to keep it a secret from Jason. I knew I wouldn't be able to wait until Father's Day to give him that game so it was for his birthday.

I thought everything turned out pretty good and I know it wasn't a big surprise but at least we didn't let his birthday go by and not even celebrate in some way. Happy Birthday to the best husband and father. We love you.

Brody was very proud of the card he made for daddy.

Brody jamming out to the music card we got for daddy. Brody actually picked it out. The song "That's the Way I like it"

Daddy & Son - poor Trevor always seems to miss out on the festivities.

The end of a year

Thursday, June 10th was Brody's last day in the 2 year old class at Sonshine - WE SURVIVED!! I remember back in Oct when he started and he cried almost everyday and even when we picked him up. He kept saying I missed you and wanted you. He wouldn't even play on the playground with his 2 best buds - Baylie & Bradyn. I was shocked that he acted that way and prayed that it would get better.

This was his first day of school back in Oct last year.

Thankfully, he got better (with a few bribes for a milkshake) and got to the point when he was dropped off, he wouldn't even say Bye to Jason. When he was picked up he would even run to us and was so excited to see us. Whew!! Thank goodness.

He has so learned so much in Ms. Patti and Ms. Spivey's class. He knows little songs for his numbers, knows his ABC's (he knew these before the class thanks to a babysitter he had), can write his name, and knows a lot of Bible stories. We are so thankful for a school that teaches Godly principles. Here are a few pictures from their little party.

Enjoying the little pizzas they made.

Ms. PattiMs. Spivey

Of course moving out of one class means moving into the 3 year old class. He has Ms. Brannen and really likes her. They formed a bond back when he started because she would help out in his class and he really took to her. I'm sure there will be some great stories this year of things he will come up with - I can't wait!

The first day going to the 3 year old class - doesn't he look all grown up?

The craziness in our house

Here are a few funny pictures to show how crazy and funny life can be around our house with a 3 year old and a 10 month old. Trevor has recently found out how to open the cabinets. He likes this one because the PAM makes great noise on the tile.

This is their boat.

Nothing better than Oreos.

Brody loves to put his clothes on himself and especially his PJ's. I think he really likes to find the most unmatched pair. The flip flops really top it off. I do have to say that he does really good on his other clothes at trying to match them.

Showing off his new Buzz Lightyear goggles that match his Buzz PJ's.

Showing our creative side.

I was so excited when I saw these shirts since I rowed for a year in college.

Look at me I'm a BIG Boy

Back around the 2nd week of June, my little boy decided to start standing all on his own. He was so excited about this big accomplishment that everytime he did it he would grin SO BIG and even start to clap. It only took about a week or so and he even started to stand in the middle of a room by himself.

I’m sure it won’t be long and there will be some steps being taken. I’m kind of torn with the whole walking thing because I really want him to hurry up and walk so maybe he’ll stop eating everything on the floor, but on the other hand I’m not quite ready for him to grow up.

He's also started using a sippy cup. He did pretty good with it, but I think he really just likes to chew on it. We are trying to give him just water like we did with Brody, but I'm not sure it's going to be as easy.

Trevor has mastered clapping & is working on waving (although it's sometimes backwards) and blowing kisses. He is such a happy BIG boy!!

My First Cake

After our Senior Banquet, one of the parents called me up and wanted me to make something similar for her daughter’s graduation party. I was of course nervous since this would be my first real cake. I can’t wait until I get a little faster at this because it did take me pretty much all day but I was very happy with the outcome and it was fun. The best part was that Ali and her mom were very excited about it as well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you okay?

This was Brody's question to Jason and I 13 days ago as we started this
As we were trying to do some type of strange push-up and struggling to make it back up Brody looks at us and asks with such sincerity "Are you okay?"

Jason and I knew we both wanted/needed to do some form of exercise but having 2 kids, it's quite difficult to join a gym. Things just aren't in the same place after 2 kids. We had seen the commericals and knew it would be a tough workout, but thought we would give it a try. I am proud to say that for 2 weeks now we have been jumping, pulling up, pushing up, squats, curls, on and on and on it goes. We do this once Trevor goes to bed and Brody actually enjoys trying to do some of the exercises as well. It's pretty cute to see him stretching with us and then he'll lose interest.

I'm hoping since we've been doing this for longer than 7 days it is now a habit and my abs will look like hers - bring on the bathing suit!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday party for "kids"

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Bradyn's birthday party. Since he was born in June and we live in Florida you can count on one HOT birthday party. So, they usually have some sort of water party. This year they rented a HUGE water slide for Bradyn's Buzz Lightyear party.
Bradyn & Brody racing.

Brody, Baylie & John enjoying the pool

Can't you tell by Brody's face that he was having a blast.

We weren't too sure how Brody was going to be on it, but as soon as he went down it once - it was hard to keep him off it. He along with the other kids would fly down that thing and get up laughing. They had so much fun going between the slide and the pool. I think all my child ate for lunch was cake, ice cream and a snow cone. Kelly bought one of these and Brody loved it. Since it was so easy and so yummy and I thought it would be great to have around our aka mom's pool - I came home and bought one. I can't wait for it to come in and I really think Brody is pretty excited about it as well because he asks all the time for one.

Well, not only did the little kids enjoy the slide but the big kids did to. Most of us went down on Saturday but because the slide wasn't being picked up until Sunday night we along with the Cruce's went back over Sunday afternoon for a couple hours of fun. You really do fly down it and I screamed like I was on a roller coaster. It was a blast. I guess Trevor has something to look forward to since he was born in August - we may wait a couple of years though - unless we adults really want another excuse to have a waterslide.

Not sure who was having more fun - dad or son??

Bracing for the landing.