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My Family

Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE doctor's appt I will never forget!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we went for Trevor's 9 month WELL check appointment. I should have known something was going to go wrong when Jason couldn't make the appointment and he usually is at every appt. So I was taking both boys by myself to the doctor's office. I've done this before but they were for just a follow up visit so a piece of cake. This one had SHOTS involved, but hey I thought I can do this.

So, I had Brody's backpack full of snacks, cars, and coloring tools. We had gone over the rules of no touching stuff (because goodness knows the doctor's office always seems full of germs and my kid seems to get sick after just stepping foot in there), no screaming, running and no talking to mommy when Dr. Egan is talking to me. Lots of rules, huh? Brody is usually really good with rules - really he's great if there is food involved!!!

We get there and here I am with a VERY mobile 9 month old and trying to make sure Brody doesn't go and touch stuff and they ask me to fill out some 3 page front and back questionnaire of where Trevor's skills are on like picking up stuff, eating, moving, etc. I wanted to scream - how in the heck do you expect me to fill that thing out when I am holding a 9 month old who would love to eat the marker. Well, they actually called us back before I could get too settled in the waiting room so I'm now trying to hold Trevor, pull Brody back to the waiting room (because he's still not too keen on doctor's office because he thinks something's going to happen to him), hold a diaper bag, and the LOVELY clipboard with the questionnaire. Did the nurse offer to help me - NO - she just said go on down to room 13 - GREAT!!!

After getting Brody settled in and having Trevor weighed - weighing in at 21.5 pounds which is the 60 percentile and he is 29.5" tall which is in the 75 percentile. What a growing little boy. I asked the nurse if I needed to still fill the questionnaire out and of course I did. So I am trying to keep Trevor on the table - so easy for him to fall off these days - while trying to fill out the questionnaire and not let him get ahold of the marker. I surely didn't spend a lot of time on the questionnaire. I'm still not sure what it was for - the top of it said for 8 months old and I think it was to try and detect autisim - we passed praise the Lord.

Well, the nurse came back in and pricked his toe to test his iron levels and it was a little low but Dr. Egan wasn't that concerned. Trevor didn't even cry with the prick and then the nurse put a bandaid on it. I guess this was the easy part for what was to come. I try my best not to be a worrisome mother but I usually have my list of questions - my concern this time was I wasn't sure if things were all "pulled" back far enough for Trevor (if you only have girls you probably don't understand). Dr. Egan said don't worry she'll take a look to make sure. Well, I thought she was just going to look but before I knew it she took care of my concern and left me with a SCREAMING little boy. I felt so sorry for him, but was actually thankful that Jason was there because Jason may have passed out at that point.

I tried my best to console him, but I knew he was about to get a shot so things weren't going to get better. I really couldn't tell he if the shot bothered him or he was just still in pain from the earlier occurance. Thankfully, Brody was doing great during all of this. Well, since Trevor still had a bandaid on his toe, I left his shoes off (so not me since I have this thing with my boys always wearing shoes). We checked out and were off to Chick-Fil-La - at least the drive thru.

Here's where I test my ability to be a mom - and I think I failed. As we are about to get in the drive through line (which of course is around the building), I hear Trevor making a slight choking sound - he does this often because he chokes on his drool since he is such a BIG drooler. Well, I look in the rearview mirror and see stuff coming out of his mouth. I panicked and was thankful no one was in front of me because I was in a hurry to get to a parking spot. I bolted around to his door and what do I see in the back of his mouth - the BANDAID from his toe. My first reaction was the finger sweep since he was still strapped in his car seat. Thankfully I was able to retrieve it before it went further down. I was in shock and could not believe what just about happened. We try so hard to remember to take the bandaids off quickly because their skin is so sensitive but I totally forgot that Trevor puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.

I got in touch with Jason and he knew I was pretty frazzeled so he met us at Chick-Fil-La to help me calm down some. I really don't think Jason should miss another doctor's appointment where there will shots. I can't take another episode like this.

Just a few pictures of my 9 month old - so happy.


  1. I LOVE reading your posts, Jenny! You always make me laugh! :) It is AMAZING what you can handle when you have to....I NEVER like taking more to the pediatrician than the kid being seen, but it doesn't always work out that way for me either. I just took all 4 the other day and surprisingly, it went well, but I am like you in freaking out about them touching ANYTHING! I go to the same office:)