My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meet and Greet & Swim Party all in a day's time

Monday, August 4 was B & T's Meet and Greet for their school.  This is where the kids get to go and meet their teachers and visit their room.  The boys were pretty excited.

Trevor has Mrs. Brown and he actually acted a little shy while meeting her -  what a shocker.  I'm sure that will change QUICKLY and she will learn the real Trevor.

Already wanting to play.  He was so excited to start school and couldn't wait for Thursday to come around.

Off to the next one.  Brody has Mrs. Calhoun which is pretty cool because I had her mom when I was in 3rd grade.  He is so excited to be in her class.

We made a stop by the library and since both of the boys participated in the Summer Reading program where they read at least 1 book a week and were rewarded with awesome prizes like Pump It Up passes, free Chick Fil A, free Zaxby's, Skate passes, and Adventure Landing passes, they had to sign their names to Thank You cards for the businesses.

This took Trevor a little while to write his name 12 times!!

Then we were off to Brody's swim party so he could receive his medal and ribbon.  Coach Evan giving him his medal.

2 very excited swimmers

Since they city called the swim meet before Brody was able to swim his 2nd stroke, Oceanway decided to go ahead and give these swimmers participation ribbons because they weren't sure if the city would do it or not.

A little fun play.

Brody had a great summer swimming and really enjoyed it.  He is looking forward to the off season to improve his strokes.

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