My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Swim Team

Brody loves to swim and it only seemed fitting to sign him up for the swim team located in Oceanway.  I had thought about it last year but wasn't quite ready to commit to practice every day and getting up so early on Saturday mornings.  This year he really wanted to be a part of it so we decided to go for it and it so happened that Stephanie had decided to sign Ava up for it as well.

In order to sign up you have to perform a swim test, which was swimming 25m without stopping or holding onto the ropes.  No problem.  On Saturday morning, June 7 we went to the Oceanway pool for them to take their swim test.  It was no problem for either one of them.  

The practices would start about 2 weeks later and would be every day from 6-7 and there would be 4 swim meets at 8AM on Saturday mornings.  Yeah, pretty early!!  Brody was so excited to get started.

The first week of practice they went over each of the 4 strokes.  The time came for Brody to swim the butterfly (which he said was easy).  I was actually pretty impressed with his butterfly.

Hoping for a fun few weeks of early Saturday mornings at pools!!

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