My Family

My Family

Monday, September 1, 2014

We have a 2nd grader

Wednesday, August 6 was Brody's first day of school.  All of his school supplies ready to go with a special gift for Mrs. Calhoun.  I really love my Silhouette - it makes the cutest stuff and is so easy.  

All ready for his first day

With Mrs. Calhoun - Jason and I both went to school with her so we know Brody is going to really enjoy her.

This was one of the sweetest things EVER!!  Since Trevor wasn't starting school until the next day, Brody created this book and left it inside Trevor's book bag.  I might have had a tear in my eye from this.  I need to always remember this when I feel the boys DISLIKE each other REALLY BAD!!

While brother was in school, mom and I took Trevor to Toys R Us to spend his gift card from his birthday.  However, he couldn't decide because he really wanted the BIG lego sets, but of course he didn't have enough $$.  We tried to teach him to just save up his money and he could come back and buy one of them, it took some convincing as well as Nini saying she would just buy him one of the small ones now so he didn't have to use his gift card, so he survived.

Poor little guy when we picked him up from school - he fell asleep within a few minutes of being in the car.

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