My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Swim Meets

Brody's 3rd swim meet was at Ed White.

I love how they hold hands to walk around to line up for their race.

Check him out tightening his goggles - I think this has become a habit because seriously how can his goggles get loose - he is the only one who wears them.

Getting ready for the freestyle.

He is the boy you see in the far lane.  He swam the freestyle in 26.18 and came in 1st.

Trying to pass the time with my little guy.  He was such a trooper during all of these swim meets.

Ava swims the freestyle and breast stroke which are the first 2 races.  Brody has to wait for the last race so here these 2 trying to pass the time.

Getting ready for the butterfly.  He was so excited to be in the lane right next to his so he could get us wet because we all know the butterfly makes lots of splashes.

Swimming the butterfly.  His time was 29.87

On July 26, Brody has his last swim meet before the Championships and it also happened to be the same day we left for Destin.  We had the vehicle packed and ready to go when we got home.  Thankfully the swim meet was home @ Oceanway so it wasn't that far.

Early morning warm ups.

Nini and Papa cheering their boy on (and keeping Trevor entertained).  It was SOOOO hot for this swim meet but thankfully we had our water fan spray bottle.

This wasn't his best swim day, but maybe it was because he was so excited to be going on vacation in a couple of hours.  Freestyle was 26.18 and Butterfly was 31.32

Sara Lynn (Ra Ra) came to watch Brody swim.  It was so sweet of her to get up on a Saturday morning to watch this little guy.

All done with the swim meets and now ready for vacation.

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