My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer - Weeks 9 & 10

I returned from Atlanta on that Sunday night, I met the guys at church and then we decided at the last minute to go to a 9:30 movie - Maleficient.  I couldn't believe we were going that late, but at the same time we haven't had any chances to get to the movies.  

Trevor made it 3/4 of the movie and said no more.  I was shocked that Brody stayed up the entire time but then again he doesn't fall asleep during movies.

We used our free coupons from the Summer Reading program thru our Elementary school to go to Pump It Up.  We didn't have anyone to go with us that day but it worked out that friends of ours happen to be there as well.  They all had a blast.

This was the cutest thing.  They were just sitting and talking in the front yard - no yelling or fighting.  It made this mama's heart happy.

A little reorganizing and cleaning out had to be done.  I had to see what all Brody needed for school.  And I even reorganized his shelves in his closet.  Making all of his shelves adjustable in his closet was one of the best things we did.  So sad I didn't take a before picture of his closet, but let's just say it was pretty bad and not the best use of his space.

Isn't this the right way to clean - everything out??

A label or 2 are missing, but much better.  I am just happy that he now can see all of his shirts in his closet - they use to be behind the wall because I thought he needed to reach his toys more :(

The reorganizing got me in the mood so off to my messy closet.

45 pieces of clothing gone and some straightening and I am very happy!!

More Chuck E Cheese.  These boys love this place.  What is it about the junk you get for the tickets? They love it and feel they have just received the best thing.  As I write this I am getting sad that one day they will not enjoy these little things like this - make the most of their time!!

We decided to try our hand at homemade ice cream.

Shake, shake, shake - gloves on because it was way cold.

It didn't turn out as hard as we thought, but it was still good - a little soupy.

We headed off to Summer Waves with cousins Macy and Chaly and we met Tara and her 2 boys and Kari and her 3 girls there.  We had such a great time.

We arrived right when it opened and stayed until it closed.  We definitely got our money's worth.  Since the park is kind of small, the older kids were able to go to slides on their own and they thought they were big stuff.  Sometimes the younger ones tagged along.  The weather was great and we 3 mom's had a great time chatting as well.

After a stop at Dairy Queen, they were all passed out.  One successful day.

One more beach day before our vacation.

This year Main Beach set up this HUGE slide and every time we go they have begged to go down the slide.  I think they finally reduced their prices, so it wasn't too bad.  They were so excited to go down the slide.

They had given us a free ride, but the storm came in and they boys didn't get to use it, but they still had fun.

What a busy 2 weeks - we are now getting in vacation mode.

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