My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer - Weeks 4 & 5

The next couple of weeks during our summer we spent our time having as much fun as we could.

Enjoying Mr. Raymond's golf cart that he let us borrow for Mom and Dad's anniversary party.

We took advantage of the Kids Bowl Free program our local bowling alley offers.  I took Ava with us one day so the boys would have someone else to play with.

Somebody wasn't too happy about how he was playing.

A Saturday birthday party for Trevor's friend Nate.

Dinner and Putt - Putt with the Henderson's.

A little coaster ride for my little guy

I braved the go carts again and wasn't as dare devilish as the last time back in Dec.

Our church had our annual Beach Baptism and once again God showed up and stopped the storms from hitting the beach.  Our God is so good.

The waves were pretty big this year.  Our preacher doesn't swim so all of the extra people are his lifeguards.

This was the sweetest thing to see - all the kiddos sitting on the shore watching the baptism.

The band provided a time of worship music after the baptism.

We are trying to work through all of our puzzles.  Trevor isn't into puzzles as much as Brody is, but he is trying :)

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