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My Family

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where has the time gone - Trevor turns 4

August 3 was Trevor's 4th birthday, but we were driving home from SC so it wasn't much of a birthday but he handled it well.  We let him pick where to eat which was Zaxby's.

So what is going on with this now 4 year old:

He is 36 pounds and almost 42 inches tall
He is a very affectionate child
He is very friendly
He enjoys playing with Legos, cars and anything his brother is playing with
He enjoys watching tv - so we try to limit as much as possible
His favorite drink is sprite - which is limited and he also likes pink lemonade, water and any juice
He loves chocolate milkshakes
He still isn't a great eater but we have been telling him that 4 year olds try new things and it has been  
     working so far.  He has now tried shrimp, fish, and crab cake.  His favorite lunch is baby spinach
      "lettuce", carrots, cheese, and crackers - a very healthy lunch.  He isn't much of a breakfast eater
       and dinner is usually a joke especially if we go out to eat.  He gets a little lazy at dinner and doesn't
        want to eat by himself.  There are plenty of nights he goes to bed without eating and it doesn't
        bother him.
He is such an easy going child.
He can write his name and knows the alphabet but we are working on letter recognition.
He definitely says some of the craziest things:

  •       For example, his SS teachers asked him what do you think Jesus told the sick man when the men lowered him through the roof.  Trevor's response was "get a life".
  • He also told his SS teachers that his dad was on the dark side and wears big boys.
  • After getting a haircut, Jason was giving him a bath and washed his hair.  Trevor was all disappointed that his hair was all ruined.  Jason asked why and he replies because he washed his hair and now he will have to get another haircut.
  • One morning as we walked out of Krispy Kreme, a cop was walking in and he asked (thankfully softly) "why do cops like doughnuts?" - good question
He can ride his bike with no training wheels and loves riding.
He can swim all by himself and loves it.

As much of a crazy child that he is, Trevor has brought so much joy and fun into our lives.  

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