My Family

My Family

Monday, August 26, 2013

A busy Friday

Friday, August 9 we had a home preseason Jaguar game, but our first stop was for Trevor to have a Meet and Greet with his new teacher for VPK - Ms. Cicero and Ms Hodges.  He was so excited to go check out his new school.

We found out that the "Three Amigos" are in the same class this year.  This would be Trevor, Nate and Foster.  These 3 are in the same Sunday School class and there really hasn't been too many others with them so they get into all kinds of trouble and really up to no good.  Needless to say the Sunday School teachers always have funny stories to tell us.

We saw that all 3 of them were at the same table - oh my!!  I wonder how long that will last?

Once we left there, all 4 of us were off to the Jags game.  We still only have 2 tickets but Christi and Mike who sit behind wasn't using theirs so our boys used them for this game.  They were both pretty excited to go to the game until about 15 minutes into the game.  They then were begging for food.  This proves they aren't quite ready to go to the games.

They were pretty excited that Ava was there.  The three of them chatted and ate roasted peanuts through the entire game.  It wasn't that exciting of a game but of course we stayed until the very bitter end AND we lost!!  The kids were so tired as we walked back to the car, but I'm pretty sure they had a blast.

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