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My Family

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Going on tour

Thursday, July 25 was Brody's last day of golf camp and they were going to be playing several holes on the golf course to use the skills they had learned during camp.  The golf pro had asked parents to join them for the morning and if we had enough parents then the golfers would be able to ride the golf carts.  Unfortunately I was the only parent who came to watch, so the golfers had to walk.

 All ready for a morning round of golf

 The golf pro gives his team a little pep talk.

All week they had contests boys vs girls, which is right up Brody's alley - he is very competitive.  They were all tied up and Thursday was the final day so it would be the deciding factor.  They played captain's choice, which is where everyone hits the ball and they use the best spot for their next shot.  They used several of Brody's shots, which of course made him feel good.

Getting all set up

The three guys

Now I had a cute little riding partner with me.  He enjoyed the first hour of riding around in the golf cart, but then he was kind of over it.

I let him get out every now and then - he had to get rid of some energy.

Trevor decided to play with my camera and take a few pictures of me - I guess since I was taking so many of him.

Brody helping Jake search for his ball.

A little more of my cute rider.  Thankfully he was pretty quiet - trying to teach him golf etiquette.

My little monkey.

Of course we had to stop and feed these ugly ducks.  The golf pro said he actually feeds them everytime he comes through.

I love this picture with all of his excitement.

Time for a few awards and pizza.

I am so proud of my little golfer.  He had so much fun for the 4 days and is really looking forward to the next golf camp as well as being able to get out and play with his daddy - which I know Jason would love to get out and play as well - if we could ever have a free Saturday.

One tired little boy from a week of golf.

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