My Family

My Family

Friday, August 30, 2013

A different type of church fellowship

Sunday evening, August 11 our church had a church wide fellowship.  Jason and I originally thought it was just like any normal fellowship we would have - food and chatting.  Well, we were wrong.  There were 4 teams of 15 people which had to include senior citizens and 2 young kids under 6.  Well, Trevor and Brody were asked to be on a team along with my mom.

The Pesata team

I thought Jason and I would just be spectators until that Sunday morning when John recruited us for his team.

There was a great crowd at the fellowship which was organized chaos.

Jason and I really had no idea what was going on.  As we split into our 4 teams, we decided who was going to do what relays and we quickly realized that John had not recruited 2 little ones so we grabbed Tyler and Tucker

The relays were

Blowing ping pong balls out of a bowl of flour - glad this wasn't my relay

Bob for apples - I really didn't think Brody would do this and that he would freak out but he totally proved me wrong.  He grabbed 2 apples in no time at all.  So proud of him

Egg toss - this was my relay.  I sure am glad I didn't drop them.  We really had no clue what we were supposed to do or how except toss the eggs back and forth and hope they don't break.

Burrito roll - Use 8 people and they lay down and continue 1 at a time to get up and move to the end of the line until you get to the finish line.  Jason and Tyler participated in this

8 person pyramid - check out Tucker on the top

The last relay was to eat an apple pie.  I think you had to use 5 people to finish the pie.

Damon doesn't need a fork

When the fork doesn't work, just go right in

We were so close to finishing 1st.  Brody and Trevor's( he freaked out with all of the noise and wanted nothing to do with it) team won even though we found out they didn't use everyone on their team.  Oh well it's all for fun and we definitely had fun.

 After the relays, they had places for the kids to enjoy a few crafts - finger painting, molding clay, etc.  Trevor loved the finger painting and thankfully it was washable.

Trevor and Leah.  I was shocked that Trevor wasn't all into like Leah

But give him a few minutes and he was.

A picture of beauty.

Corn hole time

It was such a fun night and a great way to end out the summer as well as get us all ready for our upcoming Global Impact Celebration

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