My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Riding for ice cream

We decided to go over to Stephanie and Adam's for a little bike ride after working on our pantry all day.  The boys were pretty excited to be taking our bikes somewhere and then super duper excited when they found out we were riding to get ice cream.  How cool is that?

Stephanie recently bought a new bike so Jason had to try it out.  Doesn't he look cute with the pink basket?

While the kids were playing on the playground, Adam thought he was riding a BMX or something instead of his beach cruiser.  As he was trying to fly across the grass his chain came loose.  I guess that wasn't enough because about 30 minutes later he came flying up the street and slammed on his brakes to skid his bike and his tire busted.  Oh yeah, it was a good laugh.  It might be time for him to get a new bike.

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