My Family

My Family

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Amazing Trevor

Since we came home on Trevor's birthday, we decided to have his party on the next day - Sunday.  I was probably crazy to have it right after getting home from a week vacation, but oh well.  It was a pool party at Nini and Papa's house so I didn't have to prepare too much and I had already bought most of the stuff I needed.

The birthday boy who was really starting to understand birthday's this year.  He was so excited about his day.  The Amazing Trevor

Thankfully I had enough time to make his cake, which he loved how it turned out.  Doesn't it just make a mom's heart feel good when your child likes how something you made turned out right.

My Uncle Chris is a chef and I asked him to make some cookies - and he out did himself.  Chris sent us a picture of them while we were gone and Trevor was so excited.

What's a party without tattoos.

It was a pretty hot day that day so we were thankful it was a pool party.  Some of the guests enjoying the AC.

Others enjoying the pool

As has become tradition at the pool - the kids beg John to throw them in the pool and boy do they fly.

Eating the cookie with his name on it T Man.

 Trevor loves Devin, who was a Senior in our Sunday School class last year.  Devin comes by every Sunday to say hey to Trevor when we pick him up.

Trevor was so excited for presents and did really well with opening them and telling people thank you.

A "motor" for his bike from Ava.  He can't wait to get this on his bike.

Popo gave Trevor a pack of Oreos.  Everytime Trevor and Brody go down to Popo's they end up eating a couple of oreos, so what a great present for Trevor.

And some money to go shopping with.  He is pretty excited.

My sweet birthday boy.

Cake time - don't quite understand why he can't/won't look at the camera.

We had such a great time at the party and Trevor was so excited to have all of his friends there to help him celebrate.

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