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My Family

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer coming to an end

School started on Thursday, August 8 so we were determined to make the most out of our last few days before school started.  It started out with Meet Your Teacher on Tuesday.  Brody was pretty excited to go and meet Mrs. Ray.  His buddies Bradyn and Landon had Mrs. Ray last year so he couldn't wait to have her.

During the summer, Brody participated in the Summer Reading program where he received all kinds of coupons and goodies for stuff like - ice cream, golf, water park, and Callahan BBQ.  Mrs. Maddox the media specialist wanted to get a picture of everyone who participated for the paper.

Tuesday afternoon the boys brought out all the blankets and pillows and set them up in Brody's room.  That evening I asked them to put them up and they informed me that they were going to sleep on the floor in Brody's room that night.  Well, ok I guess.  It's still summer so why not.

Trevor's spot
They actually went to sleep very good and slept all through the night - which I was impressed.

I had deemed Wednesday to be whatever they wanted to do except for Trevor's doctor's appointment that morning.  He did so good.  He thought he was such a big boy having to get his hearing and blood pressure checked.

He also received 2 shots, but we didn't really tell him what was going to happen until right before.  Let me just say that he is one brave little guy.  There wasn't one little wimper or anything.  We were shocked.  The nurse was the same one who had to help us hold Brody down to get just his finger pricked.  She looked at Brody and said "see how well your brother did".

It was now their day for whatever.  Their first choice was to go to Ollie Koala's.  We headed toward Mandarin but when we got there, it had closed down.  Bummer!!  They then decided on Chuck E Cheese, but I was getting hungry so I tried to talk them into grabbing lunch but they weren't in the mood.  I spotted a Sweet Frog and thought they would go for that - ice cream for lunch - what a great idea.  Well, they were closed too since it wasn't 12:00 yet.  0 for 2 for the day - not a great start.

We arrived at Chuck E Cheese and used up the 50 tokens we still had from the last time we went.  They had a blast playing all the little games and grabbing up as many tickets as they could.

They love when Chuck E comes out to throw tickets out for them to grab.

They love to get the tickets and see what "great" stuff they can get.

We did have to run to Dick's to pick up Trevor some soccer cleats so I figured we would just eat Tutti Fruitti for lunch.  Of course how are day was going a lot of their flavors were out of order, but thankfully it didn't seem to bother them.

As we were sitting in the food court, Brody spotted the huge trampoline with bungee cords and was begging to jump.  I didn't really want them to because I thought these things were just weird in a mall, but then my fun self thought "hey they are kids and this is fun for them".  So we waited.

Brody was up first and he jumped pretty high.  The guy would ask him if we wanted to go higher and he said no.

Then it was Trevor's turn.  Well he definitely wanted to go high and boy did he.

Now when Brody saw how high Trevor went, he was not very happy and wanted to do it again.  Of course I said nope.  I guess he'll learn to have fun and let go next time.

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