My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Run/Walk Club

Brody's school has a Run/Walk club that is every Wednesday after school for about an hour.  I wasn't sure if Brody would want to participate in this or not, but I know he loves Ms. Bailey, the PE coach, and she heads it up.  He was pretty excited to join the club, so a couple of weeks ago was his first time. 

The purpose of the club is to help our kids get exercise.  During the hour they are to run or walk around the track and they get stamps for each time around.  There are also several races during the year they encourage the kids to participate in. 

I had thought about joining him the first day, but I assumed since it was so hot that he would be ready to leave as soon as I got there, so I thought it best for him to be on his own.  There are several of his friends from class as well as Baylie and Colleen who participates, so he had friends there.

Tracy showed up a little early and was able to snap this cute picture.

I hate to say it but I assumed with how hot it was that as soon as he got in the car he would not want to return the next week.  Not at all how it turned out - he couldn't wait to go back.  He ran 5 laps around the track and was so excited.

Look at this red face - but still all smiles.

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