My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jags Football

Last Thursday night was a Jaguar preseason game.  For the past couple of years, Brody has gone with Jason for the preseason game.  This year (and I think last year) Trevor and I were also able to go because Mike and Christi who sit behind us weren't going so we used their tickets - thanks guys.

The game started at 6:30 so thankfully Brody got a good nap when he got home from school or it would have been a brutal night.

 The boys were so excited because of course Ava was going to be there and our seats are right next to her.  Within 5 minutes Brody asked if it was half time which told us he was not ready for us to buy an extra seat for him - we'll just keep our 2.

I guess they thought it was a little loud.

Trevor did so well during the game.  Now he didn't really pay too much attention but that was ok.

They enjoyed looking through Ava's binoculars.

It didn't take long for the kids to ask for our phones.  This kept them busy for awhile and we never knew who had whose phones - they were passed all between the three of them.

When they weren't playing on the phones, they were chowing down on some peanuts.  Thankfully this was the only thing we had to buy.  You are able to bring some food in as long as it's in small ziploc bags.  We had pretzels and a few other snacks that occupied them for awhile.

 Now since Stephanie wasn't there for this game, I had bathroom duty because if you are a guy you know you would NEVER want your girl going in the guys' bathroom at the stadium.  First trip was just with Ava, then not too long later Trevor AND Ava - yes this was an experience taking a boy and a girl to the bathroom, but we survived.  Not too long after they all THREE wanted to go - NO way was this happening, so thankfully Jason took Brody and I told Trevor and Ava that this was the last time no more trips.  Of course it wasn't too long afterwards that Trevor told me he needed to go again - no way.  He then tells me that he could go by himself - oh yeah that's my independent child.  We didn't go to the bathroom - he could learn to hold it :)

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