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My Family

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dogs and swimming

Last Monday, Trevor and I took Allye, our dog, to a new doctor.  She has always gone to a place in Jacksonville about 30 minutes away.  I loved this vet but it wasn't the best use of our time or money since I couldn't run any errands when we took her to the doctor since we had her in the car.  So a new vet opened in our town and I had heard great things about them, so we tried them out.

I definitely love that it is only 5 minutes away.  Allye is such a good dog and doesn't bark or bite in these situations.  This was definitely a rough day for the office because we were in there for 2 hours - CRAZY!  They explained that it is not normally like this.  The doctor was very nice and thorough and Allye received a great health report.

This picture cracks me up - Allye looking at him like he is crazy!!

Thankfully Trevor did pretty good considering the length of time we were in there.

That afternoon, I had one pretty excited 5 year old.  It was his first day of swimming practice.  Brody loves to swim and for the past few weeks (I guess because of the Olympics) has started swimming the 4 different strokes.  I have been searching for somewhere for him to be able to swim and after discussing all of the options with my know everything about swimming friend, Clair, we decided on Kerry Wick swimming at Good Shepherd Church.  The main reason I went with her is that it is only 1 day a week and it's less than 30 minutes from us.  A lot of the other options were 2-3 times a week and further away.  I wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment.

He absolutely could not wait until practice started.  There are 7 kids ages 6-8 in his class.  Coach Kerry stands on the side and coaches them.  This is the first time I have ever seen Brody act like this but he walked right in and was ready to start - no reservations whatsoever.  We were definitely starting off good.

She had them practice/learn all of the strokes both with a kickboard and without.  There are 3 girls in his class who have been on summer swim teams so they are pretty good, but Brody is right with the other ones.

Yeah, he had to make sure we were watching.

After class, he could not stop talking about it, so I was very happy with our decision and I hope his excitement continues since the class goes through April.

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