My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cookies and Football

This past weekend started out on Friday at Stephanie's house baking and decorating cookies for Ava's birthday party.  I headed over there right after I dropped Brody off to school and Trevor was so excited to be able to play with Ava for the day.  After a "little" flour on the floor and 4 hours later, we had about 60 pink crowns and blue princess slippers for the big princess birthday party the next day.  Ava and Trevor had so much fun taking out what seemed like every toy she had.

 We ended the cookie making party with lunch at Burger King.  Trevor and Ava eat about the same - not much of anything but thankfully they ate ok that day so they were able to go play on the playground even though it was pretty hot - they lasted about 15 min.

One tired little boy

Friday night was our big tailgate party at our local high school football game.  We thought this would be a great way to reach out to the seniors - who doesn't like free food?  We definitely caused attention with the big tent, table and grill all set up but I guess that was our purpose!!  Randy started cooking about 1 hour before the game.  We had about 5 of our seniors show up and they ended up bringing over about 25 seniors.  We were all able to stand around and chat and pass out some information about our Seniors Roc Facebook page.  It was such a great turnout and now we are just praying that some of these contacts will lead into them visiting us at church.

The boys love the seniors in our class.  They are pretty attached to Devin and Crista.  Everywhere Devin went they wanted to go, but I was able to hold them off for the most part so Devin didn't have a couple of little kid tag alongs.  We headed up to watch the game and both of the boys were so good and Brody actually seemed to be paying attention to the game - this must have been because of the naps they got that afternoon - 3 hours for Trevor.

Ava came over and joined us for a quarter or so.

We actually were able to stay for the entire game so it was about 11:00 bedtime for them that night.

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